“ In the school of Christ, they are the best scholars who continue learning to the last.
“ E’en death I need not fear,
If I can feel Thee near;
For who with Jesus shuts his eyes,
He also doth with Jesus rise.
“ As ravens rejoice over carrion, so infernal spirits exult over the soul that is dead in sin.
“ O my God! Close my eyes, that I may see Thee; separate me from the world, that I may enjoy Thy company.
“ It is self-love and its offspring self-deception, which shut the gates of heaven, and lead men, as if in a delicious dream, to hell.
“ As the stag which the huntsman has hit flies through bush and brake, over stock and stone, thereby exhausting his strength but not expelling the deadly bullet from his body; so does experience show that they who have troubled consciences run from place to place, but carry with them wherever they go their dangerous wounds.
“ It is not I who die, when I die, but my sin and misery.
“ Well, then, Lord Jesus! I will creep if I cannot walk; I will take hold of Thy word. When I stumble, Thou wilt support me; when I fall, Thou wilt hold out Thy cross, and help me with it to rise again, until at length I reach the place where Thou art, and with all my weakness and wants, cast myself into Thy bosom.
“ As this brook not only washes off impurities, but overwhelms them, so that they can no longer be found, even so Thy Divine mercy, and the stream of my Saviour’s blood, not only purge away but extinguish my sins, sweeping them into the depths of the sea, where through all eternity they shall be remembered no more.